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Women's Plus Size clothing

sizes 12-26

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Our Story

Our Team

We assembled a team at Tiel Dorein of fashion industry professionals who are all plus size women or have extensive experience dressing the plus size woman. Our process starts with you, our inspiration. Before ever putting our designs on paper, we discuss the unique needs of the curvy landscape and how to meet the appeals for more color, more youthfulness, more on-trend looks and more chic simplicity.  

Our Mission

We want to address the needs of today’s busy woman. Whether she’s in the boardroom, catching a flight, picking the kids up from school, or just having a fun evening out, she wants effortless clothes that are comfortable and fit well. Most of all, we never want to compromise on quality. Our customer deserves fabulous colors,  gorgeous prints and fine fabrics from some of the best mills around the world.

Design Theory

We’ve thrown away the book on what “plus appropriate” means. Rather, our focus is on confidence, and the beauty that comes with confidence.  We know, firsthand, that our customer loves fashion as much as she loves her curves. She wants to wear her curves with style and elegance. We strive to give her chic styles that are timeless yet fashionable.      

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